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Milton Road Pharmacy – Independent Pharmacy in Cambridge

Milton Road Road Pharmacy is an independent community pharmacy located in Cambridge CB4. We have been serving the public for over 70 years. Today, with recent changes in management, Milton Road Pharmacy provides fast and reliable service to the local community of Cambridge.
We provide patient-focused service, dispensing and managing the supply of medicines with outstanding care. In addition to essential NHS services, we are developing different services to meet the expectations of a wider customer base. We are one of few pharmacies which provides delivery service locally and unlike many pharmacies, the delivery service is free for patients over 65 who live in CB4 area of Cambridge.

Ready to get your medicines dispensed in Milton Road Pharmacy?

We dispense medicines for patients from all GP surgeries in Cambridge. New patients who want their medicines dispensed by us should complete an online form. Current patients can use our online repeat prescription ordering form.

New patients and patients who currently use other pharmacies can easily choose Milton Road Pharmacy as the preferred dispensing chemist. Changing pharmacy is a straightforward process that can be completed in few minutes after completing our online nomination form or by making a phone call to the pharmacy.


Milton Road Pharmacy offers a range of NHS essential services like dispensing, but also provides advanced and locally commissioned services. Learn more.
We offer a free delivery service to patients who live in CB4  area of Cambridge. Learn more.
Milton Road Phrmacy - over the counter products in the pharmacy
We sell good range of over the counter products to manage common minor conditions including cold & flu, hayfever, constipation, diarrhoea, heartburn and more . In addition men can purchase ED medicines such as Viagra Connect or a cheaper alternative. We recently started selling daily contraceptive pill (desogestrel) for women who seek fast and convenient service without seeing a GP. See what’s inside the pharmacy.
Get your medicines dispensed at Milton Road Pharmacy Cambridge
New patients who wish for their medicines to be dispensed by us can simply let us know by completing our online nomination form.

Get your medicines dispensed at Milton Road Pharmacy Cambridge

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