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Repeat prescriptions

We can help you to manage your repeat prescriptions

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New patients: how to get your medicines dispensed by Milton Road Pharmacy?

New or returning patients need to complete our online nomination form to allow us to become a preferable ‘nominated’ pharmacy. You can also change or set your nomination over the phone (01223353015), in person or by speaking to your GP surgery

Current patients: order your prescriptions

Patients who currently use Milton Road Pharmacy can easily re-order their medicines with us. Simply call us on 01223353015, visit us in person, or use our online repeat prescription reordering form.

Other ways of ordering repeat medicines

Patients whose medicines are repeatable have several options to order and collect their medicines from Milton Road Pharmacy. These include:

  • ordering repeat medicines directly from the surgery
  • ordering repeat medicines with NHS app
  • ordering repeat medicines with other apps or websites

Nowadays, prescriptions are sent electronically to a chosen pharmacy, so there is no need to collect a paper prescription from the surgery.  Patents can choose which pharmacy they want their prescriptions to be sent to. A regular pharmacy, which dispenses patient’s electronic prescriptions is called a nominated pharmacy. You can choose a nominated pharmacy by:

  • contacting your GP, online when requesting repeat medicines for example
  • with the use of a smartphone app (NHS app and other apps)
  • by contacting us in person (for example, bringing your repeat slip) or over the phone or by completing our online nomination form.

NHS recommends ordering your repeat medicines online.

Patients who use Milton Road Pharmacy can sign up for our free email notification service. We send email notifications when a prescription is received from the surgery and/or when medicines are ready for collection.

How to order repeat medicines directly from the surgery?

1. Red House Surgery

Patients who want to order a repeat prescription from Red House Surgery can do with the use of Patient Access website or app. Patient Access allows to book GP appointments and book GP appointments.

Milton Road Pharmacy can order repeat prescriptions on patients behalf from Red House Surgery.

For more information visit the Red House Surgery website.

2. Arbury Road Surgery

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered from Arbury Road Surgery in the following way:

  • online: patients should use systmonline to order their medicines. systmonline can also be accessed with the use of Android or Apple app called Airmid.
  • with a repeat slip posted into the prescription box on the front of the surgery.

Milton Road Pharmacy can order repeat prescriptions on patients behalf from Arbury Road Surgery.

For more information visit the Arbury Road Surgery website.

3. Nuffield Road Medical Centre

Nuffield Road Medical Centre recommends the following method of ordering repeat prescriptions.

  • automated telephone system. A passcode is needed to use this service. Speak to the receptionist to get the passcode.
  • online: Nuffield Road Medical Centre uses systmonline. Speak to the reception to get login details for systmonline.
  • by email: CAPCCG.nrmcprescriptions@nhs.net
  • by post: repeat slip can be posted directly to Nuffield Road Medical Centry.
  • repeat slip can be dropped off in the surgery. A repeat request box is provided in the surgery.

Milton Road Pharmacy can order repeat prescriptions on patients behalf from Nuffield Road Medical Centre.

For more information, please visit Nuffield Road Medical Centre website.

4. Bridge Street Medical Centre

Patients can order repeat medicines from Bridge Street Medical Centre in the following way:

  • online with the use of systmonline, the same system previously discussed.
  • with NHS app
  • by using an online form located at Bridge Street Medical Centre’s website.

For more information visit Bridge Street Medical Centre website.