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Free prescription notifications

Patients who get their medicines dispensed in Milton Road Pharmacy can be notified by email when their medicines are ready for collection.

We send two email notifications each time a prescription is dispensed:

  • the first email is sent when we receive a patient’s prescription from GP surgery
  • the second email is sent when medicines are ready for collection

How to sign up for a free email notification service?

Use the form below to send us your details. This is not an automatic sign up service. Once a request is received we will match details provided in the form with detail we hold on the system. If all information match, we will update your details with the email provided and upddate notifications status.

Patients can also ring us on 01223353015 to set up their free notifications.

Email notification sign up form

In the future in addition to email notifications we may offer SMS notifications. Enter your mobile if you wish to receive SMS notifications as well.
In addition to prescription email notification we may send you occasionally emails about new services or products offered by Milton Road Pharmacy, for example this September we will offer winter FLU vaccination service and may offer (subject to approval) COVID-19 booster vaccinations.