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UTI treatment in Cambridge | Buy antibiotic for UTI

UTI treatment in Cambridge | Buy antibiotic for UTI

Milton Road Pharmacy offers UTI treatment in Cambridge, CB4. Women who have symptoms of UTI (Cystitis) can buy a supply of antibiotic without seeing their GP. We offer the lowest price for cystitis treatment in Cambridge supplying the same antibiotic treatment as other pharmacies. 

Who can use UTI treatment in Milton Road Pharmacy?

Women who are between 18 and 65 years of age and have UTI symptoms. Symptoms may include:

  • dysuria (burning pain when passing urine)
  • pain or a burning sensation when passing urine
  • passing urine more often than usual at night
  • urine which may be cloudy to the naked eye and which may have a strong smell

We recommend taking a UTI test for patients who only experience one of the above symptoms. A single test for UTI (to take home multi-parameter urine dip test) can be purchased in the pharmacy for £2 only.

Patients with certain conditions, for example renal (kidney) or liver impairment, are excluded from the service. Likewise, women with symptoms suggesting complicated UTI, for example, flu-like symptoms cannot use UTI treatment service. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are excluded from cystitis service.

Women who wish to get a supply of antibiotics for UTI (cystitis) need to complete a screening questionnaire to assess their suitability for the service.

The screening questionnaire can be completed online. A link to the questionnaire will be provided in the booking confirmation email. Alternatively, a questionnaire can be completed in the pharmacy.

Advanced supply of nitrofurantoin for uncomplicated UTIs 

Women can buy nitrofurantoin for cystitis treatment at Milton Road Pharmacy in advance, as a ‘standby’ treatment. This applies to specific situations, for example, women who experience UTIs whilst on holidays

Which antibiotic do we supply for UTI treatment?

Nitrofurantoin tablets or capsules are supplied for UTI treatment. Tablets or capsules are supplied for three days of treatment only. Women whose symptoms have not improved 3 days after the initiation with nitrofurantoin, should contact their GP for further treatment investigation.

What is the price of UTI treatment in Milton Road Pharmacy?

We offer the cheapest UTI treatment in Cambridge. Three days course with nitrofurantoin antibiotics costs £18.99.

Do I need to get a prescription from my GP to use the UTI treatment service?

With UTI service provided by Milton Road Pharmacy, there is no need to see your GP. A trained pharmacist will review the answers from the screening questionnaire and supply an antibiotic if appropriate.

How to buy antibiotics for UTI treatment?

Women who wish to use UTI treatment service at Milton Road Pharmacy need to book an appointment and complete a screening questionnaire. It is also possible to walk into the pharmacy and use the service without an appointment.

UTI service is subject to a trained pharmacist being present. On rare occasions, we may not be able to offer this service to customers.

Where to find us?

We are located at 123 Milton Road, CB4 1XE, Cambridge. Customers travelling by car can park outside in a parking bay(s) located on the main road.