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NHS Prescriptions at Milton Road Pharmacy

Choose Milton Road Pharmacy as nominated pharmacy

It is very easy to get your NHS prescriptions dispensed by Milton Road Pharmacy.

Likewise, it is very easy to switch from any pharmacy to Milton Road Pharmacy. We created an online form (see below) to allow patients to switch from another pharmacy to Milton Road Pharmacy or simply choose us as a prefered dispensing pharmacy.

New patients

Patients who have not previously used Milton Road Pharmacy need to complete the registration (nomination) form located below.

Existing patients

Existing patients who use Milton Road Pharmacy can use repeat prescription reordering form without the need for registration (below).

Why switching to Milton Road Pharmacy?

We aim to provide high quality and efficient service. Our script turnover is fast. We provide free delivery of medicines in Cambridge, free email notifications, so you know when your prescription is received by us and when your medicines are ready for collection. Urgent deliveries (same day) can be arranged as long as we are contacted before 10 am.

Get your NHS prescriptions dispensed – registration form

Please complete the form below, to allow Milton Road Pharmacy to dispense your medicines. Alternatively, you can walk in or call us on 01223353015.

We send two notification emails. First when we receive your prescription from your GP and we start to process it. Second email is send when your medication is ready for collection.
Note: customers who pay prescription charges will need to contact us and make payment over the phone.
Tick yes if you wish us to order your medicines. Tick No if you will order you medicines yourself.
I am the patient named above/representative of the patient named above. Nomination has been explained to me and I have also been offered a leaflet that explains nomination. I would like to nominate Milton Road Pharmacy as my nominated pharmacy for dispensing prescriptions issued by the NHS Electronic Prescription Service.