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Lateral flow test in Cambridge – collection point

Get lateral flow test Cambridge - collection point at Milton Road Pharmacy

Get lateral flow test in Cambridge

COVID-19 rapid lateral flow tests (LFTs) are free of charge. Each COVID-19 lateral flow test box contains seven tests, enough for 2.5 weeks of test for one individual (test performed twice a week).

Do we have lateral flow tests?

In recent weeks, there has been a huge demand for lateral flow tests in Cambridge and across the country, affecting the availability of tests. Like other pharmacies, Milton Road Pharmacy can only order 1 box containing 57 boxes of tests (each box contains 7 tests). This is a small quantity, which is usually sufficient for one trading day. In the last few days (mid-December) we supplied one box of tests withing an hour of delivery. Lateral flow tests are delivered daily to Milton Road Pharmacy in the afternoon delivery. We cannot provide the exact time of delivery, however, most of the time test are delivered around 4pm.

January update on the availability of lateral flow tests in Cambridge

We currently hold plenty of lateral flow tests in the pharmacy. The demand for tests decreases significantly in New Year.

Who can get COVID-19 lateral flow test?

A lateral flow test is available for anyone who wants to check if they have COVID with no symptoms present. NHS recommends doing COVID-19 tests twice a week.

Lateral flow test in Cambridge & collection codes

From October, customers need to get (recommendation) a 16 digit collection code before requesting a COVID lateral flow test.

Other useful information:

  • there is no minimum age to use lateral flow test
  • person collecting lateral flow test from the pharmacy should be 18 years of age or older, however, the pharmacist may use his/her judgement and allow the supply of the kit for clients who are younger.
  • up to two boxes can be given per transaction
  • test cannot be conducted at the pharmacy
  • results should be registered online or by calling 119.

Read more about COVID-19 lateral low test on the NHS website.

Do I really need a collection code?

NHS recommends for the public to get a collection code before visiting a pharmacy. Collection code is not an order number. One may not receive a test due to lack of stock, even when a collection code is presented in the pharmacy.

The supply of lateral flow tests can be done anonymously, without a collection code.

How to use rapid lateral flow test?


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