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Red House Surgery repeat prescription ordering

Red House Surgery is one of few GP surgeries in Cambridge. Milton Road Pharmacy dispenses prescriptions to patients from all GP surgeries in Cambridge, including Red House Surgery. Nowadays alsmos all prescriptions are sent to pharmacies with use of NHS electrochromic prescription service (EPS), allowing immediate transfer of prescriptions between GP surgeries and a chosen (nominated) pharmacy. Milton Road Pharmacy […]

Free Blood Pressure Check in Cambridge

Milton Road Pharmacy offers a variety of NHS services including dispensing of medicines, repeat dispensing, flu vaccination service ant other.  We offer a free blood pressure check in Cambridge. What is high blood pressure? Blood pressure tells us how much blood is pumped by the heart and how difficult (or easy) is for the blood to flow in blood vessels […]

How to order Arbury Road Surgery Prescriptions?

Milton Road Pharmacy dispenses NHS prescriptions from all GP surgeries in Cambridge including Arbury Road Surgery prescriptions. Arbury Road Surgery is located 10 minutes walking distance from Milton Road Pharmacy (2 mins drive). Patients who use Arbury Road Surgery can conveniently walk to Milton Road Pharmacy to collect their medicines. The majority of all prescriptions issued by Arbury Road Surgery […]