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What is BEST Pharmacy in Cambridge?

What is BEST Pharmacy in Cambridge?

Milton Road Pharmacy is one of many pharmacies located in and around Cambridge. In today’s post, we will aim to lay the groundwork for being the best pharmacy in Cambridge. We will list some of the key aspects which make us stand out from other pharmacies in Cambridge.

1. The oldest pharmacy in Cambridge?

We have been serving the public in Cambridge for over 70 years making us one of the oldest pharmacies in Cambridge.

2. We are an independently owned pharmacy in Cambridge

We are an independent community pharmacy in Cambridge, located in CB4 area of the city. When needed we take extra time to help our customers and provide patient-focused service. Being an independent pharmacy allows us to run the business according to customer needs and demand, allowing us to spend more time with our customers. The flexibility and responsiveness of our business mean that we can offer much better service as compared to different chain pharmacies in Cambridge.

3. New management & new team

Milton Road Pharmacy has had a new pharmacy manager since June 2021. We also recruited two new members of staff. With great experience from working in different pharmacies, new management and staff introduced many positive changes, including improved dispensing process and management of patients repeat medicines including repeat dispensing prescriptions. New team improved the availability of over the counter pharmacy products.

4. Free prescription delivery service in Cambridge

Free prescription delivery in Cambridge

Unlike most multiple pharmacies like Boots or Lloyds., we offer free prescription delivery service to patients who live in CB4 and some CB3 areas of Cambridge. However, we will make the decision on whether a patient is eligible for free delivery service on an individual basis if located outside CB4 area.

5. Fast turnover of prescriptions

We pride ourselves on the fast turnover of prescriptions. Most prescriptions for common medicines are ready the same day when they are received from GP surgery. Our dispensing of medicines is faster and more efficient than service provided by distance pharmacies or online pharmacies which send medicines in post.

6. We can dispense medicines in dosette boxes

Get medicines in dossette boxes at Milton Road Pharmacy

Unlike many pharmacies in Cambridge, Milton Road Pharmacy has spaces for dosette patients. We can dispense medicines in dossette boxes, providing GP surgery can prescribe medicines on weekly scripts. Once set up, we usually manage the ordering of medicines for patient’s dosette boxes. This service is free.

How to get your medicines dispensed in dossette boxes?

Patients/carers of patients who wish to have their medicines dispensed in dossettes need to contact their GP and ask about getting their medicines issued on weekly prescriptions. Once approved by GP, we advise patients to let us know about this change.

New patients/patients who use other pharmacies in Cambridge, can use our online nomination form to get their medicines dispensed by us. Please leave comment in the box provided to indicate, medicines need to be dispensed in dossettes. Alternatively, you can call us on 01223353015 to arrange this service.

7. Great patient-focused service

Our aim is to deliver a great service which meets our customer’s expectations. Please share your feedback with us. See what others have to see, for example by looking at Google reviews.

8. Range of services offered (NHS and private)

We offer all essential pharmacy services as required by the NHS contract for example dispensing of prescriptions or disposal of patient’s returned medicines. Additionally, we offer advanced and local services, for example, the supply of morning-after pill in Cambridge for free.

Starting in September, we will be offering seasonal flu vaccination service in Cambridge.  Free NHS and private flu jabs will be offered. Patients can sign up to our flu jab mailing list to get notified as soon as the flu vaccination booking system goes live in September.

We also applied to the NHS to provide COVID-19 booster vaccinations. If we get approval we would offer this service in Septemer/October.

9. Free blood pressure test in Cambridge

Free blood pressure check - available at Milton Road Pharmacy

We are one of few pharmacies which provide a free blood pressure check in Cambridge. People with high blood pressure do not usually have any symptoms. Certain factors increase the risk of high blood pressure. We believe the public should have easy access to check their blood pressure.

Customers can use our online booking system if they wish to use one of our services or can simply walk in and speak to one of the team members or the pharmacist.

10. Services under development

In addition to services mentioned in previous paragraphs, we will be introducing different private services, for example, period delay service, treatment of UTI without seeing a doctor and chickenpox vaccination service.

11. Efficient reordering of medicines

Patients can ring us and request their medicines for reordering. All requests are sent to GP surgeries by email speeding up the request process. We can request medicines on patients behalf by contacting any surgery located in Cambridge.

12. Free email notification service

Email notification service for prescriptions dispensed in Milton Road Pharmacy

Patients who get their medicines from Milton Road Pharmacy can receive free email notifications. We can send different notification emails, for example when prescriptions are received from the surgery, and/or when all items are ready for collection. This means that our patients are well informed about the dispensing process.

13. We sell popular OTC products

We sell popular over the counter products for the management of common health conditions, stop smoking products like nicotine chewing gums, lozenges and patches, baby products, and beauty products.

We recently singed up with Pointy (by Google) to allow the public to see what is sold in the pharmacy. You can see our Pointy profile and search for the required products. Please note that not all products are displayed in our Pointy profile. Many pharmacy-only medicines are not listed on the website.

We sell over the counter sildenafil (Perigo) and Viagra Connect. Most recently we started selling over the counter ‘mini pill’ (Hana: 75mcg of desogestrel).

Buy Viagra in Cambridge - Milton road Pharmacy

14. Fishtank in the pharmacy?

Yes, you read it right. We are probably the only pharmacy in Cambridge, which has a fish tank in the pharmacy. Our fish tank is StarWars themed. Customers, especially children love it.

Please get in touch if you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the services and products provided in Milton Road Pharmacy. We would love to hear your feedback.




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