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Daily contraceptive pill available over the counter

Daily contraceptive pill available over the counter

Desogestrel contraceptive pill available without a prescription

From today a daily contraceptive pill containing desogestrel (brand name: Hana) is available over the counter (without a prescription) in Milton Road Pharmacy. Women of childbearing potential who seek to use daily contraceptives can purchase Hana after consultation with the pharmacist.

How to buy Hana over the counter in Cambridge?

Please visit Milton Road Pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacist. Women who wish to buy Hana need to answer few screening questions to ensure the suitability of the pill. Conversation with the pharmacist usually happens in a consultation room to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Do I need an appointment to buy a desogestrel pill?

Walk-in clients are welcome, alternatively, you can use our online booking system to book an appointment for a specific time and day. You can also ring us on 01223353015 to let us know that you are coming.

What is the minimum age to get desogestrel (Hana) over the counter?

Any woman of childbearing potential can purchase Hana (desogestrel) contraceptive pill over the counter. Women younger than 16 are encouraged to come with their parents, however, this is not neccesarry.



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